Monday, September 3, 2012

The Lifeguard

Title: The Lifeguard
Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Publication: March 1, 2012
Pages: 277
Source: Publisher through netgalley
Goodreads synopsis:It's an unsettled summer for Sirena. Back in Texas, her family's splitting apart, but here in Rhode Island, at the cottage of her aunt, it's a different world. There are long days at the beach and intriguing encounters with Pilot, the lifeguard with shamanic skills. Sirena explores her obsession with Pilot and discovers his mysterious--almost magical--gifts.
Fate's thoughts: When i received this book i thought it would be a fun contemporary read about summer and a boy. Instead what i got was something totally different. Sirena's summer hasn't been the best so far. And then she meets Pilot, the lifeguard and there's just something different about him. I didn't hate this book, i just didn't like it as much as i wished i had. It was a bit too slow for me and the relationship between Sirena and Pilot was a bit too fast. The paranormal element in this book was pretty unique, so that was interesting. All in all, i enjoyed parts of this book, but it isn't really my cup of tea.
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